Standing up Singing as Ship goes Down (likeelvis) wrote in theharps,
Standing up Singing as Ship goes Down

my spagetti is burning

So the harps were riding along in their harpsmobile (it's a prototype) and some how Jacob starting talking about his knowledge of trip hop. I was said something like " who really listens to trip hop". Jacob and Lauren: "a lot of people" me; "I know you guys do but really..." (awkward silence)
Anyhoo on tour we are taking turns on driving music so if Jacob tries to make me listen to Jacob or some electronic crap that’s not immediately accessible to me I will put one of the following songs on repeat.
Lfo- ambercrombie and fitch
Color me bad- poison
meatloaf-paridise by dashboard light
Vanilla ice-Ninja rap
Huey Lewis and the new
s-the power of love
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