mount eerie (grandaddy) wrote in theharps,
mount eerie

omg live

here you all go.

SAT MAY 24 / 10P
the okmoniks
the harps
the midnight lions [from phoenix]
@ party at project 722 [722 e. 9th st.]

TUE JUN 03 / 10P
the okmoniks
the harps
the black lips [from georgia]
@ san francisco bar & grill [3922 n. oracle rd.]

SAT JUN 17 / 08P
delta dart
the harps
more tba
@ las sin fronteras [137 e. congress st.]

SUN JUN 22 / 07P
so many dynamos
the harps
more tba
@ centro digna [842 s. 6th ave]

ill post more info when i can.
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