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Practice went well today, The Harps has completed a new song entitled fragmenta syllabola. Having a bassist truly helps in the song writing process. The going is slow but I think of you all every day, wondering when I will see you again. Tentative lyrics are posted here (enjoy):

fragmenta syllabola
She's veered herself into the sand
Her voice is claps that lack control
She's heavy hands that fall and raise

fragmenta lying on the beach
retreating in and out alone
Now she's buried in the sea
Now she's waiting on the sand

fragmenta syllabola
swaying like a candle flame
up and down and up and down
bright and dim and bright and dim

Fatigue novella moderne
The clicking gun
She catches birds and lets them go
She flings her self into the sun

tide in tide out
bow down

-Lauren Harp
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